David Siepert

„We demand that art does not only question, but also carry the responsibility to shape society.“

Swiss based artists Stefan Baltensperger and David Siepert have been working collaboratively since 2007. With their artistic practice, Baltensperger and Siepert critically reflect on social, cultural, and political issues and stress the boundaries of contemporary Art into new dimensions. They immerse themselves into systems, aiming to make them visible and to manipulate them. Since 2010 the focus of their work lies within ‘the political’ and the understanding of social structures.

„As artists we often ask ourself:

What does it mean to be an artist nowadays? What exactly is our role in today’s society?

In our understanding art was, and always will be connected to the production of new ways to see and understand the world in which we are living, the creation of moments of knowledge in a multidimensional way.

We are talking about the creation of entry points into topics that inevitably lead to a deeper reflection and thinking processes.

Art can not be limited to the spheres of the art world only, it must unfold beyond it and should try to have an impact on today’s society.“